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What is the distinguishing feature of the Vertebra Prominens?

Long and prominent spinous process

Which joint is formed by the articular facets on the dens and the anterior arch of C1 (atlas)?

Medial Atlantoaxial joint

What is the major function of the thoracic cage?

Protection of thoracic and abdominal organs

Which part of the vertebral column forms a kyphotic curvature?

Thoracic spine

What anatomical feature allows the Vertebra Prominens to be palpated from the skin surface?

Spinous process

What is the main function of the vertebral body in the vertebral column?

To stack up for column height and shock absorption

Which part of the vertebra serves as an attachment for ribs and muscles?

Transverse processes

What is the function of the intervertebral foramen?

Protects exiting spinal nerves

How many pairs of spinal nerves exit from the spinal cord?


Which part of the vertebra connects the body of the vertebra with the transverse processes?


What makes up approximately one-fourth of the length of the vertebral column?

Intervertebral discs

Which part of the intervertebral disc acts as a strong attachment between vertebrae for support and protection?

Annulus fibrosus

Which vertebral segments have no intervertebral discs between them?

Atlas and skull

What is the distinguishing feature of lumbar vertebrae?

Large kidney-shaped body

Which part of the vertebral column is responsible for transmitting spinal nerve roots?

Intervertebral discs

What is the total number of vertebrae in the human vertebral column?

33 vertebrae in the 5 regions

What curvature develops when toddlers begin standing and walking?

Lumbar lordosis

Where do the 5 sacral vertebrae fuse to form a single bone structure?


Which part of the vertebral column is responsible for creating alternating kyphotic curvatures?

Lumbar vertebrae

Which region of the vertebral column is primarily responsible for posture, supporting body weight, and locomotion?

Lumbar region

Test your knowledge on the anatomy of a vertebra. Identify the different parts such as the body, vertebral arch, processes, and foramen. Understand the structure that houses the spinal cord.

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