Venipuncture Procedure Steps

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What is the recommended duration for applying pressure to the site after withdrawing the needle from the vein?

3-5 minutes

What should be done if a patient is unable to hold pressure after a blood draw?

Extend the arm or raise it

What can result from failure to apply adequate pressure after withdrawing the needle?

Increased risk of leakage of blood and hematoma formation

What is the recommended action regarding the gauze over the site after needle withdrawal?

Do not press down on the gauze

What should be avoided when asking the patient to hold pressure after a blood draw?

Folding the arm back at the elbow

What is indicated if a patient is fully alert and able to hold pressure after a blood draw?

It is acceptable for the patient to hold pressure

What happens if the gauze is kept in place after a blood draw?

Increased chance of hematoma formation

This quiz covers the steps involved in the venipuncture procedure, including needle removal and post-procedure care. Test your knowledge of the proper techniques and safety measures for venipuncture.

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