Vedic Period and the Origin of Hinduism

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Who in an Indian family serves as the decision-maker and head of the family?

Why are nuclear-like families becoming more prevalent in India?

Which region of India is known for its vegetarian food mainly served in Gujarat and Rajasthan?

What percentage of the Indian population practices Hinduism?

Which religion in India holds the cow in high regard?

What do the udder and horns symbolize in Hindu temples?

What does the Garbhagriha or Moolasthan represent in Indian temples?

What is one common custom or tradition before entering an Indian temple?

Which festival is celebrated by Hindus to observe crop harvesting?

What event is commemorated by Buddhists during one of their festivals in India?

Which religion observes Good Friday and Christmas in India?


Which aspect of Vedic rituals do the four legs of a cow typically symbolize?

What practice is commonly associated with purifying oneself before entering an Indian temple?


Explore the Vedic period which marked the inception of Hinduism, one of the largest religions in the world today. Learn about the written language Sanskrit, the caste system, and the four primary castes.

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