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Which gland is responsible for the buck's characteristic smell in goats?

Subcaudal gland

What substance is formed when the secretions from the preputial gland mix with degenerated cells in horses?


Which part of the horse's foot is considered the visible part of the standing horse's hoof?


At what stage of life does the female mammary gland begin to develop as a secondary sex characteristic?


Which animals have a wart-like skin eminence on their chin known as the mental gland?


What structures make up the foot skeleton of a horse?

Pastern and coffin bones

What is the function of the skin mentioned in the text?

Regulate body temperature, excrete water and salts, and synthesize vitamin D3

Which part of the skin consists of the superficial epithelium?


In which species do merocrine (eccrine) sweat glands predominate according to the text?


What is the composition of sebum released by sebaceous glands?

Cholesterol, protein, and inorganic salts

Where are the apocrine sweat glands predominantly distributed?

Throughout the skin

Which domestic species sweats the most according to the text?


Where are the carpal glands located in pigs?

Just proximal to the carpus on the caudomedial side of the leg

Which glands in all domestic species produce 'ear wax'?

Ceruminous glands

What is the function of circumoral or perioral glands in cats?

To mark territory

Where are the anal sac glands located in carnivores?

Around the anus

What is the function of the glands of the inguinal sinus in sheep?

To help lambs locate the udder

Where are the horn glands located in goats and sheep?

Caudal to the base of the horn

Test your knowledge on the integumentary system which includes the skin, hair, skin glands, claws, and more. Learn about the structure of the skin and its functions in regulating body temperature, protecting tissues, and synthesizing vitamin D3.

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