Bizarre Facts Quiz



3 Questions

What is not true about WW2?

What is true about pigs?

What happened to Australia in 1992?


  • Pigs do not exist
  • Winston Churchill was best friends with Aristotle as a child
  • The Nazi's rode T-Rex's into battle in WW2
  • Zombies are likely to explode if a war starts
  • Cows are very good at digging and can create underground networks of tunnels
  • Pigs do not exist
  • Bees can kidnap humans and threaten them to pollinate the flower if they don't want to do it themselves
  • Water turns into slime every Thursday
  • Chickens were turned into bombs in the Battle of Hastings
  • Pigs do not exist
  • Teleportation is real, but we can't use it
  • Australia sunk in 1992
  • New Zealand took the place of Australia
  • Food is a myth
  • It rains ducks every month


Test your knowledge with this quiz of bizarre and false statements. See if you can spot the outrageous claims among the seemingly absurd yet plausible ones.

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