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Utopia vs Dystopia: Characteristics and Criticisms

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In a society controlled by technological means, what is the protagonist most likely to feel?

Trapped and struggling to escape

Which of the following examples would best represent a society controlled by philosophical or religious ideology?


What is a common characteristic of a society controlled by bureaucratic means?

Incompetent government officials and relentless regulations

Which film exemplifies a society controlled by mindless bureaucracy and red tape?


What is the main characteristic of a dystopian society according to the text?

Constant surveillance and restricted freedom

How is propaganda used in a dystopian society?

To control the citizens of society

What type of societal control is maintained through large corporations in dystopian works?

Oppressive control through products, advertising, and media

What is the role of the natural world in a dystopian society?

It is banished and distrusted

What do citizens in a dystopian society fear according to the text?

The outside world

Which term describes the futuristic universe in which oppressive societal control and the illusion of a perfect society are maintained?


Explore the concepts of Utopia and Dystopia, their definitions, and key characteristics of a Dystopian society. Understand how Dystopias make criticisms about current trends, societal norms, or political systems through exaggerated worst-case scenarios.

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