The Plot of The Christmas Chronicles

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Who is trying to ruin Christmas?

How is Santa trying to stop Pitch?

Who helps Santa with his escape?

What is the result of Pitch's plan?

What does Santa do to reunite Billy with his parents?


  • Santa Claus is preparing for his yearly journey to Earth.
  • Pitch, a demon, is sent to Earth to ruin Christmas by killing Santa and making all the children of the Earth do evil.
  • Santa uses equipment to watch Pitch and the children and learns that Pitch is trying to convince five children to "make Santa Claus angry".
  • Santa successfully reunites Billy with his parents and the three brothers plot to capture Santa and steal his toys.
  • Santa escapes from the dog and Pitch, but is running out of time.
  • Merlin helps Santa with a last-minute escape and Pitch is defeated.
  • Santa returns to the castle and is content in the knowledge that he has brought happiness to all of Earth's children.


Test your knowledge of the plot of The Christmas Chronicles with this quiz. See how well you remember the events of Santa Claus's battle against the demon Pitch to save Christmas and bring joy to the children of Earth.

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