User Interface Design Fundamentals

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Who is credited with coining the term 'user experience'?

Don Norman

What is the main focus of user experience design?

Human-first design

What type of design can user experience design be applied to?


What are Instructional Materials (IMs) used for?

To aid teachers in classes

What is the purpose of Digital Learning Materials?

Ease of access and efficiency of delivery

What is the ultimate purpose of UX design?

To make the user experience easy, efficient, and pleasant

Which of the following is NOT typically considered in UI design?

Marketing strategies

What aspect does UI design primarily focus on?

Creating a visually appealing user interface

What does responsive design refer to in the context of UI/UX?

Creating designs that adapt and work well on different devices and screen sizes

What is the main emphasis of user-centered design (UCD)?

Identifying user needs and designing based on them

Why is it important for UI designers to consider spacing and responsive design?

To make the interface visually appealing and adaptable to different screens

What is the main difference between materials design and multimedia integration in digital learning?

Materials design includes shooting videos with cameras, while multimedia integration involves animations.

How do interactive media differ from audio-visual media in digital learning materials?

Interactive media incorporate user input and require interaction, while audio-visual media are passive and only for visual aid.

In the context of UI & UX design, what does the SAMR model primarily focus on?

Using technology as a direct substitute for traditional practices in education.

What distinguishes good design from bad design in the context of digital learning materials?

Good design incorporates interactive elements, while bad design lacks user engagement.

Which type of media is most suitable for multitaskers who prefer listening while working on other tasks?


How does the substitution aspect in the SAMR model relate to traditional practices?

It replaces traditional practices directly with technology solutions.

Learn about the fundamental concepts of user interface design, including creating easy, efficient, and pleasant experiences for users. Explore the interaction between users and digital devices, as well as the look, feel, and interactivity of websites and apps.

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