Urban Upgrade Dr. Rana Hammam, Lecture no. 4 Strategic Planning

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What is an essential requirement for a Strategic Plan to be effective?

What is the main characteristic of citywide strategic planning?

What do action plans in strategic planning typically involve?

In strategic planning, what is the purpose of a Vision Statement?

What is the primary goal of citywide strategic planning?

According to Dr. Rana Hammam, what is the primary focus of strategic planning?

What is the role of the Strategic Planning Framework as per Dr. Rana Hammam's lecture?

What does Dr. Rana Hammam consider as the key feature of strategic planning?

How does strategic planning contribute to decision making, as mentioned by Dr. Rana Hammam?

According to Dr. Rana Hammam's lecture, what is the purpose of strategic planning in relation to citizen and stakeholder participation?


Test your knowledge of strategic planning with this quiz based on Dr. Rana Hammam's lecture no. 4. Explore concepts such as setting objectives, understanding the status quo, and involving citizens and stakeholders in the planning process.

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