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What is the ranking of outdoor air pollution as a cause of death in India according to the Global Burden of Disease Report?

Fifth leading cause of death

According to the research study by University of Chicago, Harvard, and Yale, how much is the life expectancy reduced by high Particulate Matter (PM) concentration for 660 million Indians living in urban conglomerates?

3.2 years

What is one of the proposed solutions for combating air pollution, as mentioned in the text?

Encouraging the transition to cleaner and renewable energy sources

What is one of the strategies mentioned in the text to address vehicular congestion and improve air quality in urban areas?

Promoting the use of pollution-absorbing infrastructure

What is the primary focus of the technology and innovation strategy mentioned in the text?

Real-time data analytics for better decision-making

What is one of the key components of the international collaboration strategy to combat transboundary air pollution?

Shared research, technologies, and best practices

What did the World Health Organization (WHO) identify as a major environmental health hazard?

Increase in concentration of both gaseous and solid pollutants

According to the latest data released by WHO, how many deaths were attributed to indoor and outdoor air pollution in people under 60 in 2012?

3.7 million deaths

Which air-borne particles have reached alarming proportions in most Indian cities, posing additional risk of respiratory diseases and other health problems?

PM2.5 and PM10

Who is particularly at high risk due to the issue of indoor air pollution?

Women and children

Test your knowledge of urban planning strategies, public transportation promotion, eco-friendly construction, vehicular congestion reduction, traffic flow optimization, and alternative agricultural practices. Learn about creating green spaces, reducing air pollution, and addressing agricultural burning.

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