Urban Design

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Which of the following is NOT a definition of urban design?

Not land use policy, sign controls and street lighting districts

What is the scope of urban design?

Arranging elements of built & unbuilt space

What is the relationship between urban design and architecture?

Architecture is a subset of urban design

What does urban design not involve?

Land use policy

What is a city made up of?

All of the above

Which of the following is NOT a scope of urban design?

Visual survey, principles and techniques

What is urban design NOT related to?

Subdivision regulation

What is the main objective of urban design?

To provide physical direction to urban growth

What is a city made up of?

Buildings and streets

What does urban design involve?

Architecture, landscape, and town planning

Test your knowledge on urban design with this quiz! Learn about the course structure, history, concepts, principles, techniques, and more. Explore definitions and understand the scope and objectives of urban design. Challenge yourself and enhance your understanding of urban renewal, regeneration, and the development brief.

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