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Super Quiz Religion Quiz Ch.1-8

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Faith in God is a ____


In what year did scientists discover that birds are able to fly because their bone structure keeps their lungs from collapsing


God is _____________________

everywhere, is all-powerful, and knows all things

How many names of the pope are mentioned in the booklet?


Where can you find the Sacrifice of Issac?

(cf. Gen 22:1-14)

How many books are there in TOTAL and how many are in the OLD and NEW testament?

73, 46, 27

What year did the church decide on the Canon?

382 A.D.

When did the Holy Spirit come upon the Church?


What years were St.Patrick alive?


What did God say to create everything?

"Let there be"

In this quiz you will have questions from Chapters 1-8 on the booklet. Enjoy!

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