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ESM Week 6

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Which of the following are problems?

Missing databases tables; Incorrect config.php in the Moodle web app; Buggy code

Choose the correct statements about incidents

None of the above

"Moodle is currently down" What would be the reasons for that incident?

The Azure virtual machine crashed

What would be the root causes of the problem then? [Azure VM crashed]

The Moodle application has a bug; There was a denial of service attack on the Moodle app

Root Cause Analysis:

Prevents Incidents; Find out why it happened

About RCA approaches:

Fishbone diagrams organise causes into categories

On problem management:

A workaround can reduce the likelihood of incidents

Study Notes

Incident Management

  • An incident is a problem that has occurred, such as "Moodle is currently down"
  • Incidents require immediate attention to restore normal service operation

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

  • RCA is a method to identify the underlying causes of a problem
  • In the case of "Moodle is currently down", the root cause might be that an Azure VM crashed

Problem Management

  • Problem management involves identifying the root cause of an incident and finding a permanent solution
  • It involves identifying the root cause, developing a solution, and implementing a fix to prevent future incidents

Note: These study notes focus on key concepts and facts related to incident management and root cause analysis.

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