Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

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What is the impact of ICT on communication processes and society?

True or false: ICT is not helpful for spreading information and advocacy.

What is the main benefit of social media?

What is the role of social media in spreading information?

True or false: Social media does not have any impact on spreading information.

What is the measure of a post's popularity on social media?

True or false: ICT has no influence on communication processes and society.

What is the impact of technology on communication?

How has ICT affected younger generations?


  • ICT is helpful for spreading information and advocacy.
  • Social media is a powerful medium for spreading information.
  • Developmental communication can be facilitated through ICT.
  • The reach and impact of information can be measured through social media views.
  • ICT facilitates exchange of ideas and awareness.
  • Gadgets have become an integral part of daily life.
  • ICT has changed communication processes and society.
  • Teenagers are heavily engaged in social media and prefer texting over traditional courting.
  • ICT has made younger generations more reliant on gadgets for entertainment.
  • The current and future generations are at risk due to ICT's influence.


Explore the influence and implications of ICT on society, communication processes, and younger generations. Learn about the role of social media in spreading information and advocacy, as well as the changing dynamics of communication among teenagers.

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