Unravel the Mysteries of 'Clockwork' 67-75

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7 Questions

Who does Carl envision as his secret accomplice?

What does Carl plan to steal with the help of his secret accomplice?

What influences does Carl disregard in his pursuit of wealth and power?

Who is Gretel looking for to help her finish the story?

What does Gretel find that helps her continue the story?

What does Carl consider doing with the Clockwork figure of Prince Florian?

Who does Gretel believe is responsible for starting the story?


Test your knowledge of Philip Pullman's 'Clockwork' and see if you can unravel the mysteries of this captivating story. From characters like Sir Iron Soul to the enchanting Princess Song, dive into the world of Clockwork and discover if you truly understand the twists and turns of this thrilling tale.

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