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What is a benefit of incremental delivery in iterative process models?

Users provide feedback as they use the software

What is a drawback of continuous new functionality in iterative models?

Introduction of new defects

How does incremental delivery with additional functionality impact project progress visibility?

Reduces negative effects of project delivery

What does incremental working functionality in iterative process models ensure for each release?

Early working functionality for clients

Which activity is easier with continuous integration tests in iterative models compared to doing it all at once?

Integration testing

How does iterative process model differ from the sequential model in terms of performing activities?

Activities are performed repeatedly in iterative models

Which software development process model involves developing and delivering core functionality in increments?

Incremental Process Model

Which characteristic best describes the Build & Fix Process Model?

Code/test without proper analysis & design

What is a risk associated with the Incremental Process Model if not managed well?

Falling back to the Build & Fix model

What is a key feature of the Scrum Process Model?

Implementing partial requirements at a time

Which software development approach is characterized by no formalized testing and hard estimation of delivery dates due to lack of proper planning?

Build & Fix Process Model

In which model are each iteration considered to be a waterfall, potentially leading to a fallback to the Build & Fix approach?

Incremental Process Model

What is a key characteristic of Rapid Application Development (RAD) process model?

Joint application design (JAD) sessions/workshops involving all shareholders

Which statement best describes the role of prototyping in RAD?

Prototypes help users find analysis/design flaws early in the process

What is a disadvantage of using Sequential Process Models according to the text?

Upfront analysis leading to project progress delays

Which statement best describes Iterative Process Models?

Involves repeating one or more activities in SDLC

In the context of Incremental Development, what is a benefit of involving users early in the process?

Ensures ownership and acceptance of the system

How does Computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) contribute to software development according to the text?

Generates design models and code to facilitate requirement changes and implementation

Test your knowledge on the Build & Fix process model taught by Prof. Zhao Han at the University of South Florida for the Software Engineering course in Spring 2024. Learn about the incremental Scrum, synchronization, stabilization, commonalities analysis, design, and delivery aspects throughout the process. Explore the relatively flexible approach and its usage.

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