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What is the term used to describe a brain-inspired architecture that involves computing in memory?

In-Memory Computing

Which of the following circuit types is NOT associated with In-Memory Computing as per the provided text?


What is the primary function of a Sense Amplifier in the context of In-Memory Computing?

Detect and amplify weak signals

Which of the following is a type of kernel associated with In-Memory Computing as mentioned in the text?


In the context of hardware accelerators for machine learning, what purpose does a Row Decoder serve in In-Memory Computing?

Select specific rows of data in the memory array

What is the primary advantage of using in-memory computation techniques like Ambit?

Improved performance and energy efficiency compared to traditional CPU-based computation

What is the fundamental operation performed by a single DRAM cell in Ambit?

Charge sharing between capacitors

In the Ambit architecture, what is the purpose of the reserved zero row (R0) and reserved one row (R1)?

To initialize the designated rows for computation

Which of the following is NOT a step in the BULKAND operation described in the text?

Perform a bitwise OR of the designated rows

What is the significance of the triple row activation technique used in Ambit?

It reduces the energy consumption of in-memory computation

What is a potential future direction for in-memory computation?

Integrating DRAM with emerging non-volatile memory technologies

In the context of ETH-RAM, what is the significance of the $10^6$ write endurance limit?

It represents the maximum number of write operations that can be performed on a single memory cell before it wears out.

Which of the following techniques could potentially be used to mitigate the limited write endurance of ETH-RAM?

All of the above.

Based on the information provided, which of the following statements is not true about ETH-RAM?

ETH-RAM has an access latency that is significantly higher than DRAM.

In the context of near-memory computing, what is the potential advantage of using a memory technology like ETH-RAM compared to traditional DRAM?

Increased memory density, which allows for larger working sets to be stored in memory.

Which of the following statements best describes the concept of wear-leveling mentioned in the context of ETH-RAM?

It is a technique that remaps logical addresses to different physical addresses to distribute writes evenly across all memory cells.

In the context of ternary content-addressable memory (TCAM), which of the following statements is not true?

TCAM has higher write endurance compared to traditional DRAM due to its specialized memory cell design.

Practice exercise related to a quiz on CiM with NVM technology for University of South Florida students. Topics include BitWeaving on Ambit, In-Memory Accelerators, and ETH-RAM technology.

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