University of Ilorin History

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When was University of Ilorin established?


Who was the first Principal of University of Ilorin?

DR T.N Tamuno

Which faculties were the first three faculties started in the University college?

Arts, Science and Education

Who was the first Vice Chancellor of University of Ilorin?

Professor O.O Akinkugbe

Who is the first Unilorin alumnus to become the Vice Chancellor?

Professor Is-haq Oloyede

When did Wahab Egbewole assume the position of the Vice Chancellor of Unilorin?

16th of October, 2022

How many academic departments are there under the faculties at Unilorin?

Over 60

When did the Law programme at Unilorin start as a department in the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences?


Which institution's temporary campus did Unilorin start off on?

Kwara state Polythecnic

How many faculties does Unilorin have currently?


Test your knowledge about the history and establishment of the University of Ilorin, a federal government-owned university located in Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria. Learn about its foundation, early leadership, and growth.

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