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When did the Constitution of the United States go into effect?

How many times has the Constitution been amended since its adoption?

Which state was the last to ratify the Constitution in 1790?

What was the required number of states needed to ratify the Constitution?

Which state ratified the Constitution on December 7, 1787?

What was the adoption date of the U.S. Constitution?

How many states were represented by the delegates who signed the Constitution?

What significant event preceded the adoption of the U.S. Constitution?

What was the significance of adopting the U.S. Constitution?

When was the U.S. Constitution enforced?

What do the values of liberty, equality, fraternity, justice, and dignity represent in the Indian Constitution?

Which document served as the foundational basis for the Indian Constitution?

What is the significance of 'We, the People of India' in the Preamble?

Which aspect of the Indian Constitution emphasizes social and economic justice?

What event marked the enforcement date of the Indian Constitution?

Which fundamental right protects citizens from arbitrary discrimination and includes the right to equality before the law?

Which directive principle of state policy aims to promote the welfare of the people and ensure an equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities?

Which fundamental right guarantees the freedom to practice one's religion or not to practice any religion?

Which directive principle of state policy ensures that primary education is free and compulsory for all children between the ages of six and fourteen?

What is the purpose of the Right to constitutional remedies fundamental right?


Our Constitution: Understanding Adoption, Enforcement, and Significance

The United States Constitution is the cornerstone of American democracy, a document that not only defines our government and its powers but also safeguards our rights and freedoms. To appreciate the Constitution's significance, let's explore its adoption date, the significance of this moment, and the date of its enforcement.

Adoption Date

The U.S. Constitution was signed on June 21, 1787, in Philadelphia by delegates of the Constitutional Convention. The signing of the Constitution marked a pivotal moment in American history, following the failure of the Articles of Confederation to adequately govern the fledgling nation.

The 41 delegates who signed the Constitution represented 12 of the 13 states (Rhode Island did not send delegates and did not ratify the Constitution until 1790). This document, drafted over a four-month period, established the framework for a federal government with a system of checks and balances and a federal court system.

Significance of Adoption

The adoption of the Constitution was a monumental achievement that ushered in a new era of government for the young nation. It created a stronger central government that could better address national concerns, while preserving the rights and liberties of the individual states and their citizens.

The adoption of the Constitution also provided stability and continuity to the nation, allowing it to grow and prosper without threatening the unity of the states. This document was a testament to the enduring principle of self-government, championed by the Founding Fathers. It has been amended 27 times since its adoption, but the Constitution remains the foundation upon which the United States continues to operate.

Enforcement Date

The Constitution went into effect on June 21, 1788, after being ratified by the required number of states (nine). This date marked the beginning of the new federal government under the Constitution. The ratification process, which took place between 1787 and 1788, was a complex and contentious one.

The Constitution was ratified by the following states:

  • Delaware on December 7, 1787
  • Pennsylvania on July 12, 1787
  • New Jersey on December 18, 1787
  • Georgia on January 2, 1788
  • Connecticut on January 9, 1788
  • Massachusetts on June 15, 1788
  • Maryland on April 28, 1788
  • South Carolina on May 23, 1788
  • New Hampshire on June 21, 1788

The remaining states, Virginia, North Carolina, and New York, ratified the Constitution in 1791, 1789, and 1790, respectively. Rhode Island was the last state to ratify the Constitution in 1790.


The Constitution of the United States is a remarkable document that has guided our nation for over two centuries. Its adoption in 1787 and enforcement in 1788 were critical moments in American history that have shaped the course of our nation. The Constitution has endured through the test of time because it strikes a balance between preserving individual rights and promoting the common good. As we continue to uphold the principles of self-government and liberty, it is essential that we remember the importance of the Constitution and the historical context of its adoption and enforcement.


Test your knowledge about the adoption and enforcement dates of the United States Constitution along with its historical significance. Explore key events in American history that shaped the nation's government and principles.

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