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United Kingdom Overview

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Which nation is NOT part of the United Kingdom?


Which famous playwright is mentioned in the video as a renowned British writer?


What type of terrain features deep valleys and mountain ridges?


Which sport was NOT invented in the United Kingdom according to the video?


Which group of people did NOT significantly influence the culture of the United Kingdom?


The United Kingdom is comprised of three nations: England, Scotland, and Wales.


The UK's terrain includes a high number of lakes in southern England.


Golf is one of the sports invented in the United Kingdom.


The UK's history traces back to the arrival of Vikings and Greeks.


British literature does not have any noteworthy writers mentioned in the video.


Which tribe first inhabited the UK territories?


People from former UK's colonies came to the country and settled down in 1960s- 1970s.


Today ... percent of the land in the UK is covered with green forest.


How long is the UKs shoreline?

7700 miles

When did the Celts arrive to the lands of the UK?

8th century AD

How long did the Romans rule the country?

400 years

What did the Romans build?

roads, houses

In 900- 1400s the UK was ruled by ...

the Vikings, Danish and Normands

The north-west England is covered in ...

mountain ridges and deep valleys

The UK's monarchs have no power for more than ... years.


The UK system of government has developed over the centuries from a/an ... of religious leaders and nobles.


The lakes in the Northern and Western parts of the UK are

lond and deep

Study Notes

  • The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of four nations: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, with London as the capital.
  • The UK has a diverse culture influenced by various waves of invaders and migrants, including Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans, and people from former colonies in the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.
  • The country's terrain features high ground, mountain ridges, deep valleys, hills in southern England, and numerous lakes (lochs) in northwest England and the Scottish Highlands.
  • British literature and sports have made significant contributions to the country's cultural heritage, with inventions like football, cricket, rugby, boxing, and golf, and renowned writers such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Robert Burns.
  • The UK's history dates back thousands of years, from the arrival of the Celts and Romans to the Anglo-Saxon and Norman invasions, leading to the country's rise as a powerful trading nation with a strong economy.

Explore the rich history, culture, and geography of the United Kingdom, which comprises four nations: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Learn about the country's diverse cultural influences, literary contributions, sports heritage, and historical developments.

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