Unit 8: Technical Textiles

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What is the primary focus in the design and manufacture of technical textiles?

Specific functions and requirements

Which industry widely uses technical textile materials?

Construction industry

What is the global growth rate of technical textiles?

4% per year

According to the Textile Institute, how do they define technical textiles?

Textile materials for non-aesthetic purposes

Where has the consumption of technical textiles been increasing rapidly in the past few decades?

Healthcare sector

What are the 12 main application areas of technical textiles according to Messe Frankfurt?

What are Mobil Tech / Transport Textiles mostly used for in the manufacture of automobiles and aircraft?

Manufacturing of carbon composites for aeroplane parts

What are Indutech / Industrial Textiles used for?

Textiles used for chemical and electrical applications

Which types of fibres are commonly used in Meditech / Medical and Hygiene Textiles?

Silk and synthetic fibres

Where are Hometch / Home Textiles used?

In a domestic environment

What is the primary objective of textile testing?

To assess the properties of textile substances

What are the 5Ms that govern testing in the textile industry?

Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement

What is the significance of textile testing for distributors and consumers?

To determine the end product's quality

Which stage of the textile product chain is textile testing relevant to?

Raw material selection

How does textile testing contribute to research and development in the textile industry?

By providing information for process development

What is the test used to measure the weight of a fabric?

GSM test

Which test is used to evaluate a fabric's ability to withstand repeated rubbing?

Abrasion resistance

What does the Color Fastness to light test measure?

Ability to resist fading when exposed to light

Which test is used to measure the force required to pull a fabric apart?

Tensile strength

What is the purpose of the PH test for textiles?

To determine the acidity or alkalinity

Explore the world of technical textiles and their specialized functions and requirements. Learn about how these materials are designed and manufactured for their technical and functional performance, incorporating advanced materials and technologies to achieve desired characteristics.

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