Understanding Water Resources and Differentiating Surface Water and Groundwater Quiz

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What is the primary reason for the potential drought conditions in the future as mentioned in the text?

Decreased level of the water table affecting vegetation

Which factor contributes to water scarcity in India according to the text?

Increasing population demanding more water

What is the main cause of water scarcity in India as per the text?

Rapid population growth

Which activity accounts for using more than 90% of fresh water according to the text?


What does the establishment of large industrial houses and an increasing number of industries in India result in?

Pressure on groundwater resources

Which rainwater harvesting system involves storing water during the rainy season for later use in irrigation and other purposes?

Check dam system

What is the main difference between surface water and ground water?

Surface water forms streams and rivers, while ground water remains in the soil.

Why is it important to adopt different means of irrigation based on geographical factors?

To account for varying availability of surface and ground water, relief, soil types, and climatic conditions.

Which statement best describes the use of fresh water?

All living things require fresh water for growth and reproduction.

Why is conserving water important?

Overexploitation of underground water can result in lowering the water table.

Which factor influences the need for adopting different means of irrigation?

Different types of soils present in an area.

What type of minerals are usually found in ground water compared to surface water?

Ground water contains more minerals than surface water.

Test your knowledge on water resources and learn about the differences between surface water and groundwater. Explore the importance of water for various activities and the distinction between these two types of water sources.

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