Understanding the Structure of a Stamen

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What is the terminal structure of a stamen called?


Where is the proximal end of the filament typically attached?


What term describes the number of theca in each lobe of a typical angiosperm anther?


What variation can be observed in stamens when collected from ten different species?

Size variation

What feature might be observed in the transverse section of an anther?

Longitudinal groove

Study Notes

  • A stamen consists of a filament and an anther, with the filament attached to the thalamus or petal of the flower.
  • The number and length of stamens vary among different flower species, leading to a wide range of sizes in nature.
  • An anther in angiosperms is typically bilobed with two theca in each lobe, making them dithecous.
  • There is often a longitudinal groove that separates the theca within each lobe of the anther.
  • Detailed observation and diagramming of stamens from different species can reveal the diversity in size, shape, and attachment of anthers in flowers.

Explore the components of a stamen, including the filament and anther, and how they vary in size across different plant species. Learn how to identify and appreciate the variability in stamen structure in nature.

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