Understanding the Media and Its Functions

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What has witnessed massive growth in the last decade in Africa?

Online media

What critical role does the media play in society?

Facilitating social change and shaping public opinion

How does the media influence debate, thinking, and priorities within society?

By reinforcing stereotypes

What type of programming does the media NOT produce for radio and television?

Cooking shows and sitcoms

What are the primary roles of the media in society?

Educate, inform, and entertain

What is the impact of media reporting on people's lives?

Both positive and negative impact

What role do powerful people, who are mostly men, often play in media stories?

They are portrayed as resourceful and powerful leaders

What is one of the most important roles played by the media within modern democracies?

Watchdog role to monitor the performance of the government

What factors influence the ability and efficacy with which the media performs its functions?

Political and legal environments in any country

What type of media is prevalent in Africa, where the state dictates the functions and operations of media organizations?

State-owned media

What guides the operation of privately owned media organizations?

Commercial and market considerations

What has strengthened and opened new avenues for development and research communication through media?

Partnerships between media and private and civil society sectors

What determines the types of media an organization will engage with?

The audience

What is considered to be an important source of news in Africa despite a global decline in readership?


What type of media is often guided by the interests of viewers and listeners who pay licenses to access their services?

Public media

What kind of projects have many organizations been developing with the media that are mutually beneficial?

Special projects for development and research communication

Explore the various roles of the media in society, including education, information, and entertainment through news, features, analysis, documentaries, dramas, and more. Understand how the media serves as a platform for different perspectives and voices to reach the public sphere.

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