Understanding the Internet Basics

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What is the main function of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) according to the text?

Which scientist is credited with creating the World Wide Web according to the text?

What is the primary purpose of a web browser as mentioned in the text?

What is the role of a cache in web browsing based on the text?

Which protocol is used for the transfer of information over the Internet as stated in the text?

What does a URL specify according to the text?

What was the original purpose of ARPANET?

Who owns the high-speed fiber-optic cables (backbones) through which most Internet data travels?

What is one of the key benefits the Internet provides to students according to the text?

When did the Internet become allowed for commercial use?

What is the role of dedicated routers and servers in the functioning of the Internet?

Which organization developed ARPANET?


Test your knowledge on the fundamental aspects of the Internet including its structure, functionality, and ownership. Explore how computers communicate and exchange data over the Internet.

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