Understanding the Halo Effect

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What is the Halo Effect based on?

Overgeneralizing positive traits in a person

How does the Halo Effect impact hiring practices?

Can lead to biased evaluations of job candidates

Who first introduced the concept of the Halo Effect?

Edward L. Thorndike

Which cognitive bias is NOT mentioned as influencing the Halo Effect?

Hindsight bias

In consumer behavior, how does the Halo Effect influence purchasing decisions?

Consumers extend positivity to all aspects of the brand

What raises ethical concerns in various domains according to the text?

The pervasive nature of the Halo Effect

Explore the cognitive bias of the Halo Effect and its impact on perception and decision-making. Learn about how people tend to overgeneralize positive traits in others based on one positive characteristic, as introduced by psychologist Edward L. Thorndike in 1920.

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