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What does 'retelling' refer to?

Expressing the general idea or concept of another text through retelling

What does 'discursus' mean?

Running off in different directions

What is the definition of 'self-plagiarism'?

Resubmitting someone's work without permission

What is 'escalating assertion' used for?

When an initial assertion has not yet received a response

How can 'development by problem-solution' be described?

Identifying and discussing specific issues, and offering solutions

'Intertextuality' can be described as:

A chain-like model providing linkages from one text to another

Study Notes

  • Text can exist in various forms beyond written form.
  • Retelling involves expressing the general idea of another text through paraphrasing or retelling.
  • The Latin word "discursus" translates to "to run off in different directions".
  • Text is a graphical representation of language.
  • Brainstorming is the process of generating creative ideas and solutions.
  • Self-plagiarism is when someone resubmits work without publisher permission.
  • Escalating Assertion is used when an initial assertion hasn't received a response.
  • Intertextuality is a chain-like model linking one text to another.
  • Development by definition aims to clearly identify and distinguish a term in writing.
  • Development by narration involves storytelling and recounting events.
  • Development by problem-solution discusses issues and offers solutions.
  • Counterclaim allows readers to respond after engaging in critical reading.

Test your knowledge on various text-related concepts such as retelling, discursus, brainstorming, and self-plagiarism. Learn about the different ways text can exist and the ethical considerations in writing and publishing.

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