Understanding Tests in Educational Assessment

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What are the three functions of a test as mentioned in the text?

Providing information for improvement of instruction, making administrative decisions, guidance purposes

What does a test domain represent?

A specific body of knowledge, skills, abilities, or performances of interest to the user

What is the purpose of sampling in a test?

To provide a sample of behavior, products, or performances from a larger domain of interest

What distinguishes selection types of test items from supply types?

Selection items require choosing the correct answer, while supply items involve filling in answers or writing essays

Which basic concept explains why teachers could never ask students all possible questions about 4th-grade arithmetic?

A test is a sample of behavior from the domain

In what ways do tests help in making administrative decisions?

By providing relevant information based on performance and skills

Explore the concept of tests in educational assessment and their functions. Learn about the three basic concepts in understanding tests, including the focus on a specific domain. Test definition and purposes are also discussed.

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