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What does 'Community of Identity' refer to?

Having common identifiable characteristics or attributes

Which of the following is an example of 'Community of Interest or Solidarity'?

Political party

What differentiates an 'Intentional Community' from other types of communities mentioned in the text?

Members share interests and geographical locations

What is the common characteristic shared by social organizations like villages or religious sects?


How did the Greeks define the term 'community'?

Fellowship for mutual support

According to Boothroyd (1990), what defines a human system of more than two people in a community?

Collectively-evolved norms

What is a key characteristic of a Geographic Community or a Neighborhood?

Physical boundaries

Study Notes

Community Types

  • A 'Community of Identity' refers to a group of people who share a common identity, such as ethnicity, nationality, or cultural heritage.
  • An example of a 'Community of Interest or Solidarity' is a labor union, where members share a common goal or interest.

Intentional Communities

  • An 'Intentional Community' is differentiated from other types of communities by its deliberate creation, often with a specific purpose or ideology, such as a commune or eco-village.

Social Organizations

  • Social organizations like villages or religious sects share a common characteristic: their members are often tied together by a sense of belonging and shared values.

Ancient Greek Definition

  • The ancient Greeks defined 'community' as a group of people living together in the same place, sharing common interests and goals.

Boothroyd's Definition

  • According to Boothroyd (1990), a community is defined as a human system of more than two people who interact and influence one another.

Geographic Community

  • A key characteristic of a Geographic Community or Neighborhood is that its members are united by their physical proximity and shared geographic space.

Test your knowledge on social organizations and their significance in society. Explore the concept of natural groupings based on shared characteristics and common goals. Delve into the meaning of 'fellowship' from different cultural perspectives.

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