Chapter 2

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What is the main concern of a psychologist interested in the relationship between behavior and exposure to violent images?

Whether watching violent images affects real-life behavior

In ancient times, what was Socrates worried about regarding the effects of new technology?

The effects of writing on people's memory

What is a significant concern in today's world regarding the impact of new technologies?

The effects of new technologies on behaviors and thinking processes

What do humans historically worry about concerning the effects of new technologies?

The effects on behaviors and thinking processes

What is the main purpose of scientific research mentioned in the text?

To navigate the complex world with evidence-based answers

What does the text suggest is a common challenge when discussing the impacts of new technologies?

Agreeing on mere opinions

What happens when we fail to recognize the need for evidence in supporting claims?

We are likely to be wrong

What does the text suggest would be the outcome without scientific research?

Increased reliance on intuition and blind luck

What is the goal of all scientists?

To understand behavior and underlying cognitive and physiological processes

Why is scientific knowledge considered empirical?

Because it is grounded in objective, observable evidence

What did the study on the smartphone app targeting surgery residents find?

It had a positive impact on student engagement and test scores

What do psychologists focus their attention on understanding?

Behavior, cognitive processes, and physiological processes

What did the study on technology in undergraduate student populations find?

Negative impacts on sleep, communication, and time management skills

Why is it more difficult to determine the reason for someone's behavior based on their crying?

Because the reason for the behavior may vary and is not directly observable

Why is it important to think critically about the information we encounter?

To exercise a degree of skepticism and examine claims from different perspectives

What should be considered when examining a claim according to the text?

The evidence and what other researchers think of the claim

Explore the importance of systematic scientific research in dispelling preconceived notions and gaining an objective understanding of the world. Learn about the historical beliefs and practices that have been replaced by scientific knowledge.

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