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Who invented the Salamander Amphibious Tricycle?

Victor Llave

Which Filipino inventor created the SALt Lamp?

Aisa Mijeno

What was the innovation created by Dr. Fe Del Mundo to address high newborn mortality rates in the Philippines?

Medical Incubator

What problem was the Mosquito Ovicidal/Larvicidal Trap System designed to address?


Which of the following innovations was developed to counteract large quantities of black smoke?


What is the primary function of the SALt Lamp invented by Aisa Mijeno?

Provide sustainable and environment-friendly lighting

What is the key contribution of Roman Architecture to architectural design?

Introducing new buildings and engineering technology

What was the purpose of Roman Numerals?

To address the need for a standard counting method

Who is believed to have utilized an alarm clock to signal the start of his lecture?


What was the purpose of a water mill in ancient civilizations?

Considered better than mills powered by farm animals for easier operation

What was the main function of the Great Wall of China?

To keep out foreign invaders and control China's borders

What was the primary purpose of Gunpowder in Chinese civilization?

To achieve immortality

In Greek civilization, what was the purpose of an Alarm Clock as described in the text?

To signal the start of lectures like Plato did

Which invention is mainly attributed to Chinese civilization?

Silk production from silk worms

What is the significant contribution of Roman civilization to technology as mentioned in the text?

Introducing new buildings and engineering technology

What was the main purpose of an Alarm Clock in Greek civilization?

To signal the start of lectures like Plato did

Explore the distinctions between different branches of science such as natural science, biological science, physical science, and social science. Delve into the subjects of technology, art, and practical applications of knowledge about nature.

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