Understanding Pictorial Evolution

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What is the mental need for illusion in painting?

Magic need

How have great artists combined reality and art in their work?

By holding reality at their command and molding it into their art

Why does the text emphasize the need for objective critics to view different phenomena separately?

To help understand the evolution of pictorial art

What is the author's view on the relationship between perspective and realism in painting?

The author suggests that perspective has solved the problem of form but not of movement, leading realism to continue the search for dramatic expression of the moment.

What is the history of the plastic arts primarily a story of?

The history of the plastic arts is primarily a story of resemblance or realism, rather than just aesthetics.

What does the author imply about the crisis in modern painting around the middle of the last century?

The author implies that photography and cinema provide a natural explanation for the crisis that overtook modern painting.

What is the crisis of realism in art according to the text?

The crisis of realism in art is the confusion between true realism, which aims to express the world concretely and in its essence, and pseudorealism, which aims to deceive the eye or mind with illusory appearances.

How does the text describe the objectivity of Chardin in contrast to photography?

The text describes the fascinating objectivity of Chardin as being in no sense that of the photographer.

What does the text identify as the original sin of Western painting?

The original sin of Western painting is identified as perspective.

What role did the camera obscura play in the evolution of painting?

It allowed artists to create the illusion of three-dimensional space within their paintings.

How did the image in painting help to sublimate our concern with time?

It elevated our preoccupation with time to the level of rational thinking.

What was the effect of the satisfaction of the appetite for illusion on the plastic arts?

The satisfaction of the appetite for illusion served to increase it until it consumed the plastic arts.

What is the current purpose of making images in art, according to the text?

The creation of an ideal world in the likeness of the real, with its own purpose.

Explore the evolution of pictorial art and the interplay between reality and artistic illusion. Analyze the two different phenomena and their significance in shaping the fabric of art.

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