Understanding Needs Assessment in Public Health

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15 Questions

What is the difference between 'what is' and 'what should be' in the context of needs assessment?

What does a needs assessment aim to identify?

Where can a community needs assessment be conducted?

What factors can a needs assessment also assess, in addition to individuals' needs?

What are the two major categories of data for needs assessment?

Which method is used to collect primary data?

What type of information do quantitative data represent?

What is the first step in conducting a needs assessment?

What should be considered when gathering data for a needs assessment?

What is used to establish program priorities based on need assessment data?

What are some factors to consider in establishing program priorities at a site?

What method can be used to establish priorities numerically?

What are examples of importance factors when establishing priorities?

What are examples of feasibility factors when establishing priorities?

In a simple method for establishing priorities using two categories (Importance and Feasibility), what is assigned to each category?


This quiz explores the concept of needs assessment in public health, focusing on the difference between the current and desired states. It delves into the formalized approach to collecting data to identify the needs of a group of individuals.

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