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PT101 - Lesson 9d

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What effect can reverb have on a mix?

Add ambience and life to a dry studio recording

How does reverb vary based on physical space?

Reverb is dependent on the source's position in the space

What is a traditional use of reverb in a mix according to the text?

Achieve mix cohesion in acoustically 'dead' studios

How does the use of reverb differ for a person speaking inside a glass box versus a cathedral?

The reverberant ambience will be different in each space

How can reverb contribute to enhancing mix quality?

By adding depth and spaciousness to the mix

Which type of reverb is often used for replicating real spaces by introducing a sound and recording the response?

Convolution reverb

What is the characteristic of Spring reverbs that make them suitable for certain instruments?


Which reverb type is known for being dense and having a shimmer in the high end, despite not sounding particularly 'real'?

Plate reverb

What is the function of the Decay parameter in a reverb plug-in like D-Verb?

Affects the time taken for reflections to die out

In a reverb plug-in like D-Verb, what does the Non-Linear algorithm primarily cater to?

Producing special effects and aggressive sounds

What effect does increasing the Decay parameter on a reverb have?

Creates surreal effects

How does increasing the Pre-Delay parameter in D-Verb affect the reverb?

Simulates a larger space by delaying the start of reverberation

What is the main purpose of adding a short delay to tracks in mixing?

To create thickening effects

Which parameter in Avid’s Mod Delay III plug-in controls the difference in time between the incoming and outgoing signal?

Delay Time

In what way are delays typically different from reverbs?

Delays have less diffuse nature compared to reverbs

What is a key limitation of AudioSuite plug-ins?

They cannot be automated in a Pro Tools project.

What feature might SOME AudioSuite plug-ins have to help preview the effects applied?

Preview button

Which section of the AudioSuite plug-in window allows users to change the effects without closing the window?

Plug-In Selector

What happens when 'Create Individual Files' is selected as the Processing Output Mode?

Separate audio files are created for each selected clip.

Why are AudioSuite plug-ins considered to be efficient compared to real-time effects processing?

They do not consume real-time resources while processing.

What happens when the Feedback (FBK) parameter in Mod Delay III plug-in is set to 50%?

25% of the original signal is fed back into the input of the delay

What effect does setting the Feedback to a negative percentage have on the fed-back signal?

It phase-inverts the fed-back signal

What does it mean when a parameter is described as being '100% wet'?

The audio signal is fully processed by an effect

How can one control the balance between wet and dry signals in Mod Delay III plug-in window?

By dragging a horizontal slider in the Mix section

Why are presets more commonly useful in reverbs and delays compared to other audio effects?

Because reverbs and delays aim to replicate physical environments/devices

What does selecting 'Create Continuous File' in the Processing Output Mode Selector do?

Creates a single new audio file regardless of the number of clips selected.

What is the purpose of the USE IN PLAYLIST button in the AudioSuite window?

It helps manage presets for the audio processing.

When 'Clip by Clip' option is chosen in the Processing Input Mode selector, what happens?

Each selected clip will be individually analyzed and processed.

What are the implications of selecting 'Overwrite Files' in an AudioSuite plug-in?

It may overwrite existing audio files with new processed versions.

What action does the Processing Input Mode selector enable you to take before applying effects?

Determine how selected clips will be analyzed prior to processing.

Learn about the Delay Time and Feedback parameters in a mono Mod Delay III plug-in window. Understand how Feedback affects the sound and how to adjust it to create different delay effects.

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