Understanding Legal Definitions of Family

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Which type of family is often referred to as the 'standard North American family'?

Nuclear family

Under various laws, which types of relationships are considered families?

Common-law spouses, single parents, same-sex couples

What is the family of procreation based on?

Marriage or cohabitation

'Family of orientation' refers to the family that:

We are born into and raised in

What is the main reason for individuals to join an intentional family?

Companionship and emotional connection

Which of the following is an important consideration when discussing family theories as per the text?

Societal influence on family dynamics

What does structural functional theory consider as important societal functions of the family?

Emotional support

In terms of scale of analysis, which category does symbolic interactionism fall under?


What is socialization, as described in the text?

A process of passing on cultural knowledge and social skills generationally

How do structural functionalists believe social stability is achieved in society?

Through efficient role specialization within the family unit

Explore the various legal definitions of family that have evolved through court cases and legislation. Learn how different organizations like Statistics Canada and Children’s Aid Society of Toronto define 'family' for various purposes.

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