Understanding Inflation and the Great Depression

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Which belief was held by Social Darwinists?

Superior groups deserve to succeed

What was a common characteristic of opponents of the Weimar Republic?

Desire for a single, strong leader

What type of state did Benito Mussolini create in Italy?

Autocratic state

Which statement accurately describes Mussolini's rise to power?

He became the first Fascist dictator through violent means

What ideology did Social Darwinists promote?


What is the distinguishing factor of hyperinflation compared to other types of inflation?

Prices rise more than 50 percent a month

What event triggered the Great Depression in 1929?

Stock market crash in New York

Which factor contributed to the worldwide spread of the Great Depression?

Large numbers of businesses failing

What was a belief held by Fascists according to the text?

Strong should dominate the weak

Which characteristic did Fascists glorify according to the text?

War and violence

Explore the concepts of inflation, hyperinflation, and galloping inflation, along with the events that triggered the Great Depression in 1929. Test your knowledge on economic downturns and inflationary periods.

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