Understanding Drama Prologues

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What is the purpose of a prologue in a drama?

Who delivers the prologue in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?

What do prologues typically highlight in a play?

Which term best describes the function of the 'chorus' in Romeo and Juliet's prologue?

Why do some plays not contain prologues?

In what way does the prologue of Romeo and Juliet establish the setting?

What distinguishes a prologue from other parts of a drama?

What is the purpose of an epilogue in a drama?

In a play, what is typically addressed in the resolution?

How does a scene differ from an act in a play?

What is the main purpose of an act in a play?

Why do scenes in a play typically change?

In what way is an epilogue similar to a prologue in a play?

What does an epilogue typically involve?

What does a climax represent in a play?


Learn about the purpose and role of prologues in dramas. Explore how prologues provide background information about the characters, settings, and themes of a play, setting the stage for the audience. Discover when prologues are used and how they can impact the overall storytelling of a drama.

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