Understanding Computers: Today and Tomorrow, 14th Edition - Chapter 4 Storage Media and Devices

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What is a storage medium?

A piece of hardware where data is is inserted to be read from or written to

What is a storage device?

A hardware component where a storage medium is inserted to be read from or written to

Which characteristic refers to how portable and volatile the storage system is?

Storage medium

What does the term 'data access' refer to in the context of storage systems?

The method used to retrieve stored data

Which part of a storage system determines the type of technology used for storing data?

Storage medium

What is the main advantage of internal storage devices?

They have faster access speed

Which type of storage device allows data to be retrieved from any location on the storage medium?

CD/DVD drives

What does the term 'sequential access' mean in the context of storage devices?

Retrieval of data can occur only in the order it was physically stored on the storage medium

What is the main characteristic of nonvolatile storage media?

Data is stored for future use

Which term refers to anything stored on a storage medium, such as a program, document, digital image, or song?


Test your knowledge of storage systems characteristics, including storage medium, storage device, portability, volatility, data access, representation, and storage technology. This quiz is based on the 14th edition of 'Understanding Computers: Today and Tomorrow' by Ali Alsbou.

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