Understanding Bias and Prejudice

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What is bias characterized by?

Favoritism and unfairness

Which type of bias occurs when people rely too much on initial information in decision-making?

Anchoring Bias

What is the main characteristic of Confirmation Bias?

Favoring information that supports one's beliefs

In the context of bias, what does conformity entail?

Making decisions to fit in with a group

What distinguishes media bias?

Selectively reporting and covering news

What is the Halo Effect?

When a person's positive traits overshadow their negative traits

What is the main characteristic of Racism?

Idea that one race dominates and exhibits superior characteristics over another

What is the key aspect of Sexism?

Prejudice based on sex or gender

How does Classism manifest?

By valuing individuals based on their wealth and social status

What defines Ageism?

Prejudicial attitudes towards older people and the aging process

Study Notes

Bias and Prejudice

  • Bias and prejudice have a negative impact on our interactions and are often used interchangeably.
  • Bias is a tendency to favor or support one person, group, thing, or point of view over another, resulting in unfairness.

Types of Bias

  • Anchoring Bias: relying too heavily on initial information in decision-making.
  • Media Bias: selective reporting and coverage by journalists and news producers.
  • Confirmation Bias: searching for information that supports one's beliefs and views.
  • Conformity Bias: making a wrong decision to fit in with a group.
  • Halo Effect: letting a positive impression of someone influence opinions on other aspects of that person.


  • Prejudice refers to pre-judging without evidence or knowledge, resulting in unfavorable opinions or feelings.
  • Prejudice can strongly influence behavior and interactions with others, especially towards those who are different.

Types of Prejudice

  • Racism: belief in the dominance of one race over another.
  • Sexism: prejudice based on sex or gender.
  • Classism: prejudice based on social class or socioeconomic status.
  • Ageism: prejudice towards older people and the aging process.
  • Religious Prejudice: prejudice based on religious beliefs.

Explore the differences between bias and prejudice, and how they can negatively impact interactions. Learn about bias as a tendency to favor one thing over another, leading to unfairness. Examine scenarios to identify instances of favoritism and unfairness.

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