Skill 3.4 - Create and Configure Containers

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What is the purpose of a container runtime like Docker?

To retrieve the image, extract it, and create a container to host the application in an isolated environment.

Why can't Linux-based containers run on Windows and vice versa?

Containers use the host OS kernel, which means Linux-based containers cannot run on Windows and vice versa.

What is the main role of Azure Container Instances (ACI) in container creation?

ACI offers a serverless approach to container creation without requiring a VM.

How does Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) simplify container orchestration?

AKS is a cloud-based implementation of Kubernetes, providing container orchestration services to scale and manage deployments.

What is the main function of the control plane in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)?

The control plane oversees cluster management in AKS.

How can containers in Azure Container Instances (ACI) be accessed?

Containers in ACI can be accessed via URL with port 80 or the Public IP address.

What represents all containers on a computer in Azure Cloud Shell?

A Container Group represents all containers on a computer in Azure Cloud Shell.

What tool is highlighted as the most popular container runtime in the text?

Docker is mentioned as the most popular container runtime.

How does a container differ from an image in the context of containers?

An image is a packaged unit with applications and dependencies, while a container is an instance of that image running in an isolated environment.

What is the benefit of using containers over a full operating system?

Containers use the host OS kernel, eliminating the need for a full operating system.

What are the key ACI limitations regarding container properties that require container deletion?

OS Type, CPU, memory, GPU resources, Restart Policy, Network Profile, Availability Zone

What are the Azure storage options for storage across multiple pods in AKS?

Azure Files or Persistent Volumes (with Azure Files or Azure Disks)

How is scaling of an AKS cluster typically done?

Manually using the Kubectl command line tool

What are the two autoscaling options available in AKS?

Horizontal Pod Autoscaler and Cluster Autoscaler

What are the two networking options in AKS?

Kubenet (Basic Networking) and Azure Container Networking Interface (CNI - Advanced Networking)

What are the four types of Kubernetes services available in AKS?

Cluster IP, NodePort, LoadBalancer, ExternalName

What are the main components involved in network security in AKS?

Network Security Groups (NSGs) and network policies

How can you check for updates in AKS using the command line?

az aks get-updates

How is upgrading an AKS cluster typically performed?

One node at a time

What is the method used to upgrade nodes in an AKS cluster?

Stopping pods on the node, creating a new node with the specified Kubernetes version, and upgrading gradually

Learn about the fundamentals of containers on Azure, including container images, repositories, and container runtimes. Explore how containers operate in an isolated environment using the host OS kernel.

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