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15 Questions

When does a student at most four-year colleges have to decide on a major?

What does an academic major refer to?

What is the purpose of not deciding on a major until the end of sophomore year?

In what academic programs is the word 'major' used administratively?

What is the significance of an early commitment in certain fields and programs?

What is the first thing to consider when picking a major?

How can identifying strengths and weaknesses help in choosing a major?

What does using the Roadmap to Careers assessment template involve?

How can taking a speech class in college be beneficial?

What is the significance of investigating majoring in international business?

What is recommended to gain insight into potential careers and interests?

When should a student consider picking a major or program in advance?

Who can provide valuable advice on college majors and programs?

What is recommended when exploring potential careers?

Why is it important to rank the remaining majors in order of interest?


Test your knowledge about academic majors and the process of declaring a major. Explore the requirements for undergraduate and graduate students, and gain insights into the significance of academic disciplines in higher education.

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