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Luxury objects in ______, gem engraving, ivory carvings, and glass are sometimes considered to be minor forms of Roman art, although they were not considered as such at the time.

The art of Ancient Rome, and the territories of its Republic and later Empire, includes architecture, painting, sculpture and mosaic work.

Sculpture was perhaps considered as the highest form of art by Romans, but ______ was also highly regarded.

A very large body of sculpture has survived from about the ______ onward, though very little from before, but very little painting remains, and probably nothing that a contemporary would have considered to be of the highest quality.

Ancient Roman pottery was not a luxury product, but a vast production of 'fine wares' in ______ were decorated with reliefs that reflected the latest taste, and provided a large group in society with stylish objects at what was evidently an affordable price.


Test your knowledge of Ancient Roman art and its various forms including architecture, painting, sculpture, mosaic work, metal-work, gem engraving, ivory carvings, and glass. Discover the significance of sculpture in Roman art and explore the artistic achievements of the Roman Republic and Empire.

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