Ultraviolet Automotive F99 Quiz

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10 Questions

What is the top speed of the f99 super bike unveiled by Ultraviolet Automotive?

When is the expected start of the final production of the f99 super bike?

What is the initial focus of the f99 super bike by Ultraviolet Automotive?

What is the expected cost of the f99 super bike?

How long has Ultraviolet Automotive been working on the f99 super bike?

What can you do to learn in your preferred language?

Why is the speaker discussing the Indian Defense Sector in the video?

What is the main focus of the video?

When did the speaker decide to create the video about the defense sector?

What is the speaker's advice for the viewers regarding the video?


Test your knowledge about the Ultraviolet Automotive F99, India's first super bike, with this quiz. Learn about its features, top speed, and its transition from a racing platform to a consumer version. Challenge yourself with questions about this groundbreaking motorcycle from Ultraviolet Automotive.

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