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What is an example of extreme weather conditions in the UK?

Strong winds and storms

What effect can droughts have in the UK?

Affect the water supply and destroy crops

What does global climate change predict for the UK's weather in the 21st century?

Hotter and wetter weather

What is the cause of heatwaves in the UK according to the text?

Greenhouse gases

Why can trains become dangerous during a heatwave in the UK?

The railway can expand and bend in the heat

Study Notes

Extreme Weather Conditions in the UK

  • Examples of extreme weather conditions in the UK include heatwaves, droughts, and floods.

Effects of Droughts in the UK

  • Droughts in the UK can lead to water shortages, affecting agriculture, industry, and domestic water supplies.
  • Droughts can also lead to wildfires, damage to ecosystems, and impact on wildlife habitats.

Global Climate Change Predictions for the UK

  • Global climate change predicts that the UK will experience more frequent and intense heatwaves, droughts, and floods in the 21st century.
  • Climate change is expected to bring warmer temperatures, sea-level rise, and changes in precipitation patterns in the UK.

Causes of Heatwaves in the UK

  • Heatwaves in the UK are often caused by high pressure systems that persist over the country, bringing hot air from the continent.

Risks to Railway Operations during Heatwaves

  • During heatwaves, railway tracks can expand and buckle, causing trains to slow down or even derail.
  • This can lead to accidents and disruptions to train services, making trains a dangerous mode of transportation during extreme heat.

Test your knowledge of extreme weather in the UK with this quiz! Explore the impact of strong winds, storms, and droughts on the environment, buildings, and people. Challenge yourself with questions about how these conditions can cause damage and disruption, and learn more about the UK's weather patterns.

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