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Zoning determines where buildings can be constructed based on their designated ______

Zoning separates land into ______

Zoning is defined as the regulation by law of the use of land and (or) buildings and of the height and density of buildings in specific areas to secure convenience, health, safety, and general welfare of the ______

Zoning codes regulate land use, size, shape and permitted ______

The zoning ordinance is a written regulation and law that defines how parcels of land within a municipality can be ______

The three major activities and uses that define zones are: residential, commercial, and ______

It will show the various parcels located in the municipality and color-coded by ______.

Zoning Text breaks down the rules that apply in each ______.

These rules typically establish a list of land uses permitted in each district plus specific standards governing lot size, density, lot coverage, building height, and required yard and ______ provisions.

Principles of Zoning Arrangement of Zones usually follow a pattern in the form of concentric ______.

Existing Towns are divided by considering the predominant use in a particular area, and the use can be changed if properly ______.

Danger from fire is minimized through zoning to control the chances of occurrence and damages, thus ensuring controlled future ______.


Explore the concept of zoning and its role in determining where buildings can be constructed based on their designated use. Learn about how zoning addresses land use, public health, and overcrowding concerns by dividing land into parcels and zones.

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