Types of Vitamins and Their Solubility

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What are the three fat soluble vitamins mentioned in the text?

Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K

What is vitamin A closely related to in terms of its presence in different foods?

Carotenes present in carrots and chlorophyll present in green leafy vegetables

How is vitamin A stored in the body?

Retinol stored in the liver

What happens to carotenes after absorption by the body?

Converted to retinol within the walls of the small intestine

What deficiency is often associated with vitamin A deficiency among children?

Protein energy malnutrition (PEM)

What is the main function of Vitamin A in the body?

Normal functioning of epithelial cells

What eye condition is associated with a deficiency of Vitamin A?

Xero-ophthalmia (dryness of eyes)

What skin condition can result from a shortage of Vitamin A?

Follicular keratosis or 'toad skin'

What is the consequence of Vitamin A deficiency on skeletal development?

Irregular development of skeleton and teeth

Which foods are rich sources of Vitamin A?

Milk, egg yolk, fatty fish, carrots, pumpkin, mangoes

This quiz covers the different types of vitamins, their solubility, sources, functions in the body, and requirements. It also includes information on how vitamins are obtained from foods and synthesized by the body.

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