Types of Urban Housing and Settlement Functions Quiz

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What is the main cause of urbanization?

Which factor is a common push factor from rural areas to urban areas?

What is a common pull factor from urban areas to rural areas?

Which of the following factors is NOT mentioned as a push factor from urban areas to rural areas?

What attracts people to urban areas from rural areas based on the text?

What is urban sprawl?

What are some problems associated with urban growth in urban areas for the environment?

Why do many rural areas seek and experience rapid urban growth?

What role do outer-city estates play in urban sprawl?

How does building in the rural-urban fringe contribute to urban growth?

What is a common impact of rapid urbanisation on food chains in urban areas?

What types of goods are typically sold in Low Order Goods (Convenience) stores?

Where are Outer-city estates usually located?

What characterizes the Rural-Urban fringe?

Why do Industrial Areas usually have factories located close to the CBD?

What is the main purpose of settlements in rural areas?

What distinguishes Urban Areas from Rural Areas in terms of functions?


Test your knowledge on various types of urban housing such as outer-city estates and low order goods settlements, as well as the functions of settlements on the fringes of cities. Explore concepts like land prices, road layouts, and demand factors.

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