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What is the key difference between a direct tax and an indirect tax?

Direct tax is paid by the intended taxpayer, while indirect tax is paid by someone else.

Which type of tax imposes increasing rates as the tax base increases?

Progressive tax

What is the purpose of excise tax as mentioned in the text?

To impose taxes on sin products and non-essential commodities

What is the essential characteristic of taxation that ensures it is not a voluntary payment?

Enforced Contribution

Which characteristic of taxation ensures that the tax amount is based on an individual's ability to pay?

Proportionate in Character

Under what condition can a tax be payable in a form other than money based on the text?

When qualified by law, like backpay certificates

What is the purpose of taxation according to the text?

To allocate government costs to the people

In the context of taxation, why is it necessary for the object to be subject to the jurisdiction of the taxing state?

To enforce the tax effectively

Who has the power to levy taxes according to the text?

Legislative body of the state

Under which theory of cost allocation does taxation operate as per the text?

Benefit received theory

Test your knowledge on different types of taxes including personal, property, excise, direct, and indirect taxes. Learn about the characteristics and distinctions of each tax category.

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