Types of Social Norms and Their Variations Quiz

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Which of the following is an example of a folkway?

Not saying 'excuse me' after burping

What are mores primarily concerned with?

Morality and right or wrong

Which of the following best describes mores?

Norms that can be considered offensive but not necessarily illegal

In which situation would a folkway violation most likely occur?

Eating with your hands at a fancy restaurant

What distinguishes mores from folkways?

Mores are legally enforced while folkways are not

What is a taboo?

An activity or behavior that is forbidden or prohibited in society

Which religious group considers birth control as taboo?


What are the consequences of violating laws, according to the text?

Formal punishment such as fines, incarceration, or death

Which religious group prohibits the consumption of pork?


What is the law on bigamy concerned with?

Subsequent marriage while the previous marriage is still active

Test your knowledge about social norms, their types, and how they can vary across different dimensions. Explore the concepts of folkways, mores, taboos, and law, and understand how they influence behavior in society.

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