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Which category of vegetables includes plants such as carrot and radish?

Root vegetables

Which of the following is an example of a fruit vegetable?


What is the main purpose of cultivating ornamental plants?

For their aesthetic value

Which type of ornamental plants is grown primarily for its flowers?

Florist crops

What distinguishes cut-foliage or florist greens among ornamental plants?

They provide the background in a floral arrangement

Which type of fruit is a durian or mango classified as?

Tree fruit

Which book would be the most useful for someone interested in learning about the production of fruit and plantation crops in the Philippines?

Fruit and Plantation Crop Production in the Philippines

For information on Tropical Crops belonging to Dicotyledons, which book should one refer to?

Tropical Crops: Dicotyledons

Where can one find information on ornamental plants in the Philippines through pictures?

A Pictorial Cyclopedia of Philippine Ornamental Plants

Which book is dedicated to the fundamentals of crop science and can be considered a lecture syllabus?

Crop Science 1: Fundamentals of Crop Science

If someone wants to learn about various ornamental plants suitable for landscaping, which book would be the most relevant?

Ornamental Horticulture A Little Giant in the Tropics

Which resource would be most helpful for someone interested in looking up plant names?

Which type of plant is commonly grown in containers for their beautiful flowers?

Ornamental plants

What is the primary purpose of landscape plants?

For landscaping purposes like ground cover and accents

Which type of plant is primarily valued for its attractive foliage rather than flowers?


What type of plants are typically used in lawns or greens?

Bermudagrass, carabao grass, bluegrass

Which classification system is recommended for agricultural censuses?

Indicative Crop Classification (ICC)

What is the main advantage of using the Indicative Crop Classification (ICC) system for crops?

It simplifies global crop inventory and production data processing

Test your knowledge on different types of ornamental plants including flowering pot plants, landscape plants, foliage plants, and turf. Learn about popular examples like kalanchoe, African violets, begonia, and blue palm.

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